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Features - Comfort Shims



  • Shims are self-applied and available any time. You can make your own adjustments any time. They get you back on your feet quickly and keep you going. You know your level of comfort better than anybody. Don't be afraid to try. By trial and error you can maintain your comfort fit.
  • Four different thicknesses of shims to achieve your specific level of comfort. They are specifically made to allow your limb to go in without much resistance but hold the limb in place to reduce shifting. The shims are highly abrasion resistant which means they won't wear out.
  • The thin shims (6 mil and 12 mil) can be reused. Once used, carefully peel them out of your socket and attach to plastic in order to save them for another use.
  • Sock Savers are applied to the nylon or wool sock, inside and outside (2 per sock), to prevent unraveling and stretching. Made of durable materials that will not tear or unravel. Best if applied to a new sock before it starts to stretch.
  • Take them with you when traveling. You can make adjustments when you're not close to your prosthetist.
  • The Comfort Shim Kit is made of quality custom materials specially designed for this application.

* Sock in image above is shown for illustration purposes only and not included in the kit.



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