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Amputee / Prosthetics


page83-dorn-golf-cart2.jpgMy name is Dorn Nichols and since a car accident in 1990, I have been a "BK" Below Knee Amputee. In the past 20 years, I have used three different types of prosthetics and struggled with the fit of each one. My prosthetist is understanding and meets my prosthetic needs, but as my stump changes from day to day, the level of comfort can vary.

The Comfort Shim Kit I have developed is composed of the same materials we've been using for almost 25 years here at GINDOR, Inc, the company I co-founded with my wife in 1985. Over the years, as my stump has changed and atrophied, I struggled to find a solution to reduce the amount of pinching, chafing and open sores from my prosthetic. Through my experience as an amputee and with the materials I work with daily in my business, the Comfort Shim Kit came to exist.

With occasional leg adjustments from my prosthetist and the help of this Comfort Shim Kit, I can wear my prosthetic 16 hours a day, seven days a week. These shims have also kept me on the golf course several times a week.

Now, the Comfort Shim Kit does not replace the need to see your prosthetist for adjustments to your prosthesis. We are not in competition with your prosthetist. We intend to partner with your prosthetist in the care of your prosthesis. Using this kit will support/enhance/maintain the care and comfort of your prosthesis along with regular visits to your prosthetist. In short, this kit will help you maintain your desired level of comfort and the health of your amputated limb

page83-dorn-golf-swing-crop.png"These shims have also kept me on the golf course several times a week."


NAME: Dorn Nichols
CLUB: Maplecrest Country Club
DIVISION: Men's 18
EFFECTIVE: 09/15/2010          YTD ROUNDS: 13
     Score History, Most Recent First
Used A-Away H-Home T-Tournament C-Combined I-Internet
  1       80A*   79A*         85H            84H       82H
  6       79A*   79H*        78H*           79H*     80H*
11       83H    80H*        81H*           88T       84H
16       82H    83H          85H            86H       80H*

There are approximately 3 million amputees in the United States today. Our goal is to help other amputees achieve comfort in their daily walk.

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